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Band BIO

Delta Crunch was formed in August 2010 in Memphis, TN originally going by the name Heatsink. However the band chose to change the name To Delta Crunch by May 2011. The band members include Guitarist/Singer: Will Sweetz Stacks, Bassist Hugh Hippie Swindoll and Drummer, Chris English. While Chris currently lives in Memphis, all three band members are originally from northwest Mississippi Delta region which is one the reasons why the band chose Delta as part of the band's name. Crunch comes from heavy riffing and power chords that are part of the band's signature sound. Will and Hugh have a history of making music together than began in the very late 1980s playing Heavy Metal as the founding members of a band called Waul. Waul played in the Memphis/North MS area from 1990 to 2000. Due to various personal reasons the band calling quits in 2001 after 10 years of making music. Around this time Chris was in punk bands in the Memphis area. The future members of DC oddly enough did not cross paths at that time.

While Will still landed the occasional jam, Chris and Hugh retired from the music scene entirely.

Fast forward 3 years, Hugh begins work for a new company. A year later Chris was hired on, before long Hugh and Chris had become good friends at work.

Fast forward 5 more years, Chris and Hugh had been trading rock-n-roll stories and the desire to play again began to manifest (or infest as the case maybe). Then a fortuitous event happened, Will's computer died and he needed some help. This event brought Hugh and Will back together and soon the conversation changed from geek speak to music speak in short order. Hugh decided it was time to introduce Chris to Will and talk music together. The three musicians hit it off immediately with all three sharing a love of music and a downright silly sense of humor. While the three had origins in metal and punk music back in the day, a new direction was decided by the trio. While they all still enjoy the meaner side of rock-n-roll, they also enjoy the blues and all three hold a deep appreciation of 60s and 70s rock music. Delta Crunch site bands such as AC/DC, Cream, the Doors as well as more modern bands like Nirvana and Metallica as influences. While the band enjoys playing classic rock and blues standards, Will and Hugh still retain a metal edge in much of what they play. Chris' drumming has matured far beyond the frantic punkbeats of his past and has moved onto a rock and jazz influenced style of playing like his drum favorites Ginger Baker, Levon Helm, and Joe Morello.

Due to their name and location, some that have not heard them play may think of Delta Crunch as southern rock band, but we are actually more of a straight up rock-n-roll band that just happens to be from the south. While the band tends to play blues standards close to the original material to preserve their bluesy feel, Delta Crunch are far more adventurous when it comes to covering rock classics. Sometimes even using dropped tuning on rock classics to give them a proper CRUNCH! The first demo, Undercover features 4 classic rock and blues covers presented in proper Delta Crunch fashion! The band members ar so working on original material, so stay tuned for more on that in the near future!

Member BIO

Vocals/Lead Guitar


Will Stacks a.k.a. "Sweetz", has had a love for music his entire life and is heavily influenced by musicians from all genres. Though he has no formal guitar or vocal training he played trumpet in his school band for 2 years (this one time... at band camp....). Some of his many influences include Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Jimi Hendrix (duh!), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Bradley Nowell (Sublime), Glen Danzig (again..Duh!), Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and Willie Adler (Lamb of God). He has been known to attempt to play any instrument he's allowed to molest... but his personal arsenal includes Ovation and Yamaha acoustic guitars in addition to Fernandes and ESP electric guitars with EMG pickups. He also uses a LINE 6 Spider Valve MkII Amp with a SEISMIC Audio 4x12 cabinet. Vocals are powered by CARVIN, SEINNHISER and SEISMIC AUDIO.


Hugh Swindoll is the Mississippi Hippie who loves his basses like most people love money. He has no musical training and plays totally on instinct. (And some good instinct too we might add) His musical influences include Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Cliff Burton (Metallica), Jason Newsted (Metallica), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), John Entwistle (The Who), Lemmy (Motorhead), Jack Bruce (Cream), Henry Bogdan (Helmet) His Weapons of Choice are Customized Schecter Stilletto Elite 4 and Schecter Riot 5 basses. And his Tools for civil Disturbances: Carvin R1000 Amp with a Line 6 Bass Pod XT Pro preamp and Customized 1810 cabinet. His Philosophy on playing bass: GRIP IT AND RIP IT!


Chris English is the only member of the band with formal music training. he studied music theory and played with a variety of percussive ensembles, orchestras, chorales, and jazz bands all during high school (and lets not forget drum line). but don't let that fool you. he was giving marimba clinics to college seniors all while he was in the 10th grade. his dream was to be a professional marimbist like Leigh Howard Stevens. but the world had a different path for him to take. After stints in local punk bands playing barristers and some time in blues bands that never made it out of the garage he retired musically at a young age. but the animal inside could not be tamed and the sticks have come out never to be silenced again. While not quite Joe Morello he nevertheless tries to "take it to the house"! His playing style is heavily influences by Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck), Levon Helm (The Band), and ginger baker (cream). His tools of the trade are a 6 piece Yamaha Birch Stage Custom, Zildijian K customs, Ludwig snares, and Vic Firth sticks of all types with shure mics (beta58a and sm57's)!