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Ok, so have you ever seen in a music video, movie or TV show, where you see the artists in the high dollar recording studio, doing their thing in sound booths with the producers and engineers behind a glass window with massive mixing boards and the red lights saying "QUIET - RECORDING" where they take the time to record track after track and do it over and over again until every little piece of music is absolutely perfect?

Yeah well, forget all that, we didn't have any of that stuff.

"What had happened was....."


Well, we have one now.....but not when we did these songs

This demo was recorded on Black Friday 2011 in the same place we practice, in our drummer Chris' garage. Mic cables draped over lawn mowers, guitars standing near chainsaws (there certain irony in that) and mixing boards sitting on soiled workbenches. With the smell of cold beer, hot amps and burnt oil, we call it home and that where we recorded our demo!


Yeah well, we didn't have any of that either.

We recorded these songs "Live in the studio" (ok, ok, I meant "garage") and we only had time to do 4 songs in 10 takes. So you can expect to hear a few minor flubs here and there, because hey, pobody's nerfect and we just flat ran out of time.


Yep, you guessed it, we definitely ain't got none of that at all, EVER!!!

So we really, really, REALLY would like to thank Dr. Tim (a.k.a. "The Reverend") who donated not only his talent, time and equipment to record and produce this little rock-n-roll adventure but his lower back as well because that recording rack ain't lite brother!

So to sum up it all up, we did the best with what little we had, in the little time that we had to do it and we still managed to have something that we believe we can be proud of.

We hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for listening! (And we give all the credit to the original artists and song writers, hence the name undercover)


"A Fool for your Stockings" originally recorded by ZZ Top, Words & music by ZZ Top.



"Suspicious Minds" originally recorded by Elvis Presley, Words & music by Mark James.



"I heard it though the grapevine" originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Words & music by Marvin Gaye.



"Crawling King Snake" originally recorded by The Doors, Words & music by Big Joe Williams.

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